Wednesday, September 20, 2006

David Broder's False Dichotomies

David Broder (via TPM) puts "the vituperative, foul-mouthed bloggers on the left" up against "the doctrinaire religious extremists on the right" as the two political poles.

It's a part of his call to cling to the independent, moderate middle which is made up almost entirely of Republicans. He throws Joe Lieberman in there, I imagine for some sort of balance, though Holy Joe is not a Dem.

Broder's false dichotomy is found where he lists the preferences of mainstream Americans - thence the independent, moderate middle - on issues:
Americans are saying no to excess greenhouse gases and no to open borders; yes to embryonic stem cell research, yes to a path to earned citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants and yes to a living wage.

I'm read mostly by other vituperative, foul-mouthed bloggers, whose blogs I also read. So the bullshit Broder is shovelling is pretty obvious, right?

Those are the things we vituperative, foul-mouthed lefty bloggers have supported, and which doctrinaire religious righty extremists have opposed, for many years. Which puts us, as Broder himself admits, squarely in the middle of mainstream American opinion. How is that an extreme?

It must be because 1) he's a dishonest Righty who can't admit he's wrong, 2) we're uncivil and ungodly, and 3) we frequently and uncivilly have pointed out how very wrong and dishonest he is.

So his magical solution to the problems caused by the Naive Little Kitten lead astray by the Big Bad Wolf? (Seriously, he said this of Bush: "Bush was a pleasant, down-to-earth guy who would not rock the boat. Instead, swayed by some inner impulse or the influence of Dick Cheney, he has proved to be lawless and reckless." Just ignore the fact that, since his first business venture, Bush has destroyed everything he has touched.) We must re-elect the guys who have let Disaster Kitty have his way on nearly every disastrous policy.

See, though those independent, moderate Reps he listed have occasionally stood up to Bush, they will keep the Senate Republican. The Republicans will continue to set the agenda. One agenda will be to continue to block oversight of our lawless and reckless President. Yes, it's the same argument Broder made concerning the filibuster "nuclear option:" the Dems should surrender all and trust the moderate Reps -- trust them to give the President anything he wants.

After all, they were the Gang of 14 once.

Try being the Gang of 14 every day for the past five years, motherf*$kers. Forget time travel, make Lincoln Chafee the Senate Majority Leader right now. Force the Senate to do oversight right now. Make the President submit a plan for the occupation of Iraq or lose his funding right now.

If they can't do it right now, what makes anyone think they can do it on November 8?

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