Friday, September 08, 2006

I Just Don't like the Video Games

I'm in my mid-30's and I just bought my first video game system.

Doing the math, you'll realize my pre-teen years coincided with the early 80's when Atari and Intellivision were being introduced to our homes. Except for mine. I could play video games at the arcade but my mom would always say, "I just don't like the video games at home." For the Christmases and birthdays of '81, '82, '83, '84 and '86 I asked for one gift: a video game system. I would then recieve a gift of equal value and the admonition of "I just don't like the video games at home."

One summer weekend, my parents went to Phoenix and I was to stay with my cousins in town. They had had an Atari for a year and were already bored with it. I could play for 48 hours and get my fill. I arrived Friday night to find that the family rule was was no video games after dark. Saturday morning I found was family garden day as was all day Sunday......SHIT!!!!! I related my unlucky tale to mom on her return and she, with an understanding smile, said "I told Aunt Nancy not to let you play Atari. I just don't like the video games at home"

The next Christmas, another set of cousins scoured the house and opened their Christmas presents on December 18th. As punishment, my aunt offered my mom the Atari system my cousins were supposed to get. Mom politely refused and told her "I just don't like the video games at home."

In high school, I told mom I was saving my hard-earned Chuck E. Cheese wages for a Playstation. She tsked and said she would just have to confiscate it because, "I just don't like the video games at home."

College and young adulthood put food and lots of drinks before Playstation 2, Gamecube and XBox until a co-worker sold me his used Gamecube and a few games. I have been in the basement for a week now. I did call mom during the open of Resident Evil 4 to tell her I'm playing video home.

Oh, in 1985 I asked for a bike. I got that.

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