Friday, September 01, 2006

I've Never Heard Such a Loud Tennis Match

The crowd was insane during the match between Andre Agassi and Marcos Baghdatis. Usually they stop yelling before the serve, but toward the end of this match, they never really did.

And I've never seen such a gruelling tennis match. Not that I watch tennis that often, and I only caught this one because I was looking for Law & Order: Criminal Intent. It's my favorite when Vincent D'Onofrio is on because of its emphasis on psychologically-based investigation.

But I only caught the last three sets and was flipping from Waterworld. Yes, Waterworld. Sometimes you just have to watch a crappy movie on TV. Generally, you know a Kevin Costner movie's not much good if it was made after 1989 or doesn't have a corn field or a baseball in it. Except that I really like The Postman. Anyway, my point is, I didn't see every moment of the painful tennis match, but I was still suffering.

Apparently, both Baghdatis and Agassi were doped up. Agassi had been taking cortisone shots for back pains, and Baghdatis got some pain pills after he fell on his wrist early in the match. My percocet is beyond its use by date, or I might have joined them. (Kidding, just say no, kids). Still, by the end Baghdatis was in obvious pain, dancing and stretching out his thigh muscles. Agassi must have had a better quality painkiller, because, despite being nearly twice Baghdatis' age, he seemed to hold up better.

Of course I was pleased Agassi won, his last year in the tournament. But Baghdatis fought hard and earned respect.

... BTW, I was also occasionally switching to the VMAs. So, lots of pain last night.

I even caught the little video introduction done by Britney Spears and K. Fed. I wouldn't say it induced pain so much as nausea and anger.

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