Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Melting Pot

No, it's not a political post about the nature of our nation, it's a post about the restaurant, The Melting Pot.

We went there for the first time tonight to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary, and it was pretty cool. Although I am still significantly buzzed, it's not just the alcohol talking.

Every night of the week you can go in for a midnight special (Sun - Thurs after 9, Fri & Sat after 10) of fondue with bread, veggies & apples, a salad, a whole bottle of wine (thus the buzz), and a chocolate dessert fondue for about what two people would pay at a regular, medium-priced restaurant (about $30).

We had the beer cheese fondue. I'm glad they mixed the ingredients right at our table, 'cause I can make that at home.

As the buzz wears off, I get sleepy. I highly recommend The Melting Pot.

That is all. Good night.

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