Thursday, September 14, 2006

Monday is "Goddamn Piece of Paper" Day!

I didn't know until my son told me yesterday that tomorrow his school is celebrating Constitution Day, even though it's on Monday, September 18. He said his teacher wants him to wear red, white and blue to school. I asked him why not parchment yellow, since it's Constitution Day, not Flag Day. He didn't get it.

I tried to explain what the Constitution is, specifically stressing that we are the government. And tonight he chose a bedtime story called John, Paul, George and Ben (with Independent Tom thrown in as well) about Hancock, Revere, Washington, Franklin and Jefferson. It's a cute book. I explained to him that those guys had a King named George who thought he could do whatever he wanted and treated them unfairly, and they all worked together to get rid of the king, which could have cost them their lives.

In illustrating the Freedom of Speech we enjoy, I told him that even saying bad things about their king was considered treason. To illustrate, I said, "you know how we make fun of President Bush and talk about how we need another President? We're allowed to do that because those men (in the book) wrote down in the Constitution and Bill of Rights that we can say whatever we want about anyone, including the President, as long as we don't hurt anyone."

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