Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Olbermann's Ratings Surge

After my husband and I watched Olbermann's comments about the empty space behind him, Pither wondered what the ratings were like, hoping a right-wing backlash wouldn't lead to bumping him off the air (yeah, we haven't seen someone in the media speak like that to the Pres in a while).

Seems that speaking truth to power may be the wave of the future, and Olbermann is riding the crest. (from MyDD) His "key demo" numbers kept going up all last week after his first set of biting comments to the Administration, and

By Friday night, Olbermann surpassed Zahn in overall numbers even as younger viewers, his best demo, generally opted to go out instead of watching television news.

It seems my husband is right to be concerned, though.
At a time when MSNBC, or at least MSNBC.com, is showing it's intention to move in a new direction by firing Eric Alterman, it's imperative that we show support for Keith Olbermann, one of the few (and perhaps only) consistent voices of sanity on cable news.

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