Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The PR Administration

The Pres and his minions ::cough::Nowrasteh/Disney::cough:: were working hard all week to manipulate the public with the double whammy of "scare the shit out of them, then act the puffed-chest, tough-talkin' daddy." Yeah, it was totally coincidental that Disney scheduled a factually compromised portrait of blame for 9/11 and the Pres gave an inspirational War on Terror speech at the same time.

So why isn't it working anymore? (via AmericaBlog)

"The power of his rhetoric is in marked decline, and that's no reflection on the quality of what he says, which is still very high," said Max Boot, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a neoconservative scholar who has been sympathetic to Bush's anti-terrorism policies. "There's a desire in the country for more deeds, not more words. . . . We are losing a war right now, and there is no way to get around that."

B-bb-but, the murder rate in Baghdad is down!

The decision to include only victims of drive-by shootings and those killed by torture and execution, usually at the hands of death squads, allowed U.S. officials to argue that a security crackdown that began in the capital August 7 had more than halved the city's murder rate.

But the types of slayings, including suicide bombings, that the U.S. excluded from the category of "murder" were not made explicit at the time. That led to confusion after Iraqi Health Ministry figures showed that 1,536 people died violently in and around Baghdad in August, nearly the same number as in July.

Damn that un-American, pro-terrorist MSM, reporting objective facts. Are they trying to influence an election?

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