Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Rats Did Play, and They Made The Path to 9/11

I was wondering about the actors in The Path to 9/11. I mean, aren't Hollywood actors generally supposed to be "liberal" and politically active, thus the entire purpose behind The Film Institute (via Big Ink)? So why involve themselves in an obvious sham?

Seems at least some of them fought the good fight to try to bring the film closer to the truth, particularly Harvey Keitel (via Atrios).

Virtually from Day 1 of shooting, "Keitel put his own researcher on the case," looking to correct historical, character and other inaccuracies he found in the script, said John Dondertman, a production designer on the film.

That led to Keitel rewriting most of his own lines - which in turn meant almost daily revisions for cast members who had scenes with him.
On one occasion, Keitel holed up in his hotel for an entire day with director David Cunningham revising the script.

Other times, Cunningham would "fumble through the 9/11 Commission book trying to figure out how to correct details Keitel called into question," said the script supervisor.

Why did Keitel have to hire his own researcher? Because there were no expert advisers on the set to make sure the film had the facts right, not even paid 9/11 Commission front man Thomas Kean.

You know what they say, "When the cat's away ..."

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