Sunday, September 10, 2006

Riding High on a Diplomatic Coup

My son, Ben, has two friends who aren't allowed to play together, Kid A and Kid B. Ben prefers Kid A, who is older and who he's been friends with longer. And, anyway, Kid B sometimes annoys Ben, telling him to "be the girl" in a game. (Nevermind that Kid A and Ben get into a fight almost every time they play).

So generally, when Ben is playing with Kid B and Kid A comes along to ask Ben to play, Ben goes with Kid A and Kid B gets his feelings hurt. So Kid B rang on the doorbell to tell me Ben hurt his feelings, and I had a huge meeting on my front porch to hash through feelings and try to come to an equitable division of Ben's time.

I think it was agreed amongst the parties that, when Ben is playing with one boy and the other comes to play, Ben will take a few minutes to finish up his game and then go on to the next boy. (Originally I said, "take ten minutes," but since they didn't know when ten minutes would be up, they wanted me to time it for them. No thank you.)

Of course there are also Kids C, D, E, F and G who may sometimes enter into the equation, so who knows how that will work.

BTW, Kid G is a girl, and when we were up at my parents' for Labor Day weekend she left a note on our front door:
Dear Ben,

Could we play somtime? Do you love me? Its okay to say so. Write

Love, Kid G

I dont love you!

Is that cute, or what?

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