Friday, September 01, 2006

Tony Blankley's Not an Average American

I'm listening to Tony Blankley on Al Franken's show, Lawrence O'Donnell substituting.

I don't think Tony Blankley understands the phrase average American.

He was asked how life has improved for the average American, and answered that the economy is going well. When asked about how the last two Supreme Court appointments were positive occurrences, he answered that a conservative court would make life better for average Americans.

What?!? More Americans slipping into poverty, becoming uninsured, the Middle Class getting squeezed, real wages down while corporate profits are soaring, record foreclosures, an increasing debt that will be paid for by future average Americans. In what way are average Americans benefitting from the current economy?

As for the Supreme Court, for the most part the conservatives vote for more power to the Executive to detain indefinitely, spy on, torture average Americans. This is better?

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