Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ultimately, I Can Always Find a Silver Lining

Why would ABC News correspondent, John Cochran, call Clinton supporters and aides Clintonistas? That is a derogatory term used by right-wingers.

But he did, and as of 1:18am MST, September 9 (Happy Induction Day, California!), it's still on the ABC website. AmericaBlog has a screen capture if they try to dump it down the memory hole.

Is it his conservative bias, perhaps? Or does he just hang out with so many "liberal" Washington insiders, their terminology rubbed off on him.

I would think that he was just doing a self-serving piece for his bosses, possibly even edited by his bosses, since the article stresses that the complaints are coming before the movie is even finished (though it was finished enough to send solely to right-wing outlets for positive reviews, which he doesn't think important enough to mention), and ends with this:

For ABC, the blowback from Clinton supporters and aides may not be an entirely bad thing. Conventional wisdom says there's nothing like a little controversy to boost ratings. And this time it is liberals — not conservatives — who are complaining about reputed Hollywood bias.

But I just can't get past the use of Clintonistas and the focus on Clinton supporters.

It's not just liberals or Clinton supporters complaining, and it's not about Hollywood bias (although the filmmakers have an openly-stated mission to convert Hollywood to conservatism). It's about plain and simple facts about what lead to an event which had a great impact on the national psyche, an event that belongs to all of us, for which we deserve the unvarnished truth. And it's even coming from FOX News.

Well, John Cochran's not the only one who can find a silver lining during a shitstorm. I found a couple of silver linings, as a matter of fact.

One is the "Tom Cruise Effect." It's when you do something that gets lots attention and free publicity, but is so outrageous and so widely covered that you lose in the long run. Who doesn't know Tom Cruise is a Crazy Day Cult Member who lost his lucrative 10 picture deal? Who won't know that Disney, Cunningham and Nowrasteh desecrated 9/11 for partisan political purposes?

It'll be a long time before Disney lives this one down. As for Nowrasteh and Cunningham, so much for their plan to quietly invade Hollywood and turn it "conservative." Now everything their names are attached to in any way will get picked apart.

That's the second silver lining, "The Sunshine Disinfectant."

Usually, a whole lot of people don't pay attention to or understand political controversies, which is why the simple lies that get repeated the most worm their ways into the national consciousness. But getting caught lying in a movie about something already in the national consciousness, considered sacred, in order to change the "Hollywood Paradigm" or influence an election ... that's easy to get, very highly publicized. Very bad for Disney and stealth conservative paradigm shifters.

However, for the American public, the blowback is not a bad thing at all. Right Wing "conventional wisdom" for many Americans - such as the lie that Clinton had many chances to take out bin Laden and refused to do so that RWNJs like Ann Coulter and others repeat so often - is now being very publicly, widely and unequivocally contradicted by many authorities (like the 9/11 Commission Report that the movie is supposed to be based on!) who actually know what they're talking about, unlike political hacks, TV pundits and RWNJ bloggers who started blaming Clinton before the smoke even cleared.

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