Friday, October 13, 2006

Bush's New America

All of that was done by the Bush administration to an American citizen detained on U.S. soil — without any charges ever being brought against him, let alone convicted of any crime. All along, the Bush administration insisted it had the right to abduct and detain U.S. citizens indefinitely and deny them access to any courts or even to any lawyers, to either contest the validity of their detention or the legality of their treatment. That is still the Bush administration’s position, and the Congress less than two weeks ago purported to give the President the legal authority to do virtually all of that.

From Glenn Greenwald, via Big Ink.

Dear Senators who voted for this,

What the Hell is wrong with you?

Very sincerely,

Julie O.

Ed, is it alright if I call the Bush Administration and its enablers in this atrocity of a policy un-American?

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