Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley's Proclivities Were Common Knowledge

How does the internet count for Degrees of Separation?

'Cause I have exchanged comments with Zeno of Halfway There, and he knows a conservative Republican whose daughter was a page who had dinner with other pages and Mark Foley. Then again, I've also exchanged emails with my Representative in Florida, who must have known Rep. Foley. I don't think the internet counts. You have to actually meet.

Anyway, as much as it can be confirmed amongst fellow bloggers, Halfway There confirms what I had heard on Franken this morning that, for years, it was common knowledge amongst male pages to avoid being alone with Rep. Foley. Therefore it must have been common knowledge amongst the other Representatives and particularly the leadership that male pages were wary of Rep. Foley. This "no one made me aware" is as much bullshit as Condi Rice's excuses about terrorism.

Like Zeno's friend said, “Oh, they knew, but they didn't want to know.”

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