Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gay Marriage, School Shootings and Scapegoating

I was looking up something else and found this interesting fact:
At this point, any heterosexuals engaging in intercourse were considered married.

The Reformation brought with it the establishment of formal marriages, which led to rampant prostitution and extramarital sex, which at this point was taboo.

Maybe gay people should stick to civil unions. Rather than being a stabilizer, formal marriage has apparently always been the downfall of Western civilization.

Anyway, what I was attempting to research was the claim by Brian Rohrbough, father of a Columbine victim, that school shootings are caused by the teaching of evolution and the legalization of abortion, as both devalue life and a greater meaning and purpose.

For an honest liberal like myself, my vague understanding of history shouldn't be enough to counter his vague understanding of modern life. I like to have specific documentation to back up my beliefs which originate from my vague understanding and common sense.

However, I don't expect a simple and brief internet search will get me the kind of scholarly input I desire, so I'll stick with my common sense and vague understanding of history and assert that religions of all stripes, including Christianity, are responsible for way more child murder than a few decades of secularism, including Stalin's contribution.

Consider the millennia before evolution was known about or abortion was legalized. Child sacrifice was the greatest sacrifice, and exposing undesireable newborns to die in the elements wasn't unheard of. Do we really think the incredibly high infant and child mortality rates were just because of illness and accident? Child murder is not new. And look at all the recent cases of mothers who've murdered their children for religious reasons. Even if they were crazy, it wasn't secularism's fault.

Anyway, the Amish school shootings weren't a secular crime, since the shooter was angry at God. Godless abortionists and evolutionists just don't get angry at God. And pedophilia, as the above Wiki link about child sexual abuse shows, is hardly a modern secularist phenomenon.

But I don't want to blame such perfidy on religion. I blame it on people, no matter what their particular reason may be. We people are basically the same as we have been for all of our existence. Though we have great technology, a sense of self and of morality, we still have basic instincts, one of which is to scapegoat "the other" for our troubles.

Hmm, I thought the two parts of this post were mostly unrelated. But I think the same impulse that lead Brian Rohrbough to blame evolutionists and "abortionists" for the deaths of school children is the same that prompts him to oppose gay marriage (you know he does). He fears, loathes and scapegoats "the other," those people who fall outside his comfort zone and understanding. They make him queasy, therefore they are the cause of all his problems and must be punished, or at least oppressed. It is unfathomable to him that anyone who believes the same sorts of things he does could possibly be a bad person. Therefore the opposite is more likely to be true in his mind: bad people don't believe the same sorts of things he does.

Oh, wait. Why am I going on and on trying to substantively counter Brian Rohrbough? He obviously is just using the death of his son to get attention and for his own political gain. That is a valid counter-argument, right?

But with all this focus on horrible things that happen to children, here's a story with a happy ending, and a scenario I've had nightmares about myself (I've had plenty of nightmare scenarios about awful things happening to my kids. I have a theory that such unbidden thoughts in parents is not a subconscious anger at or hatred of children, but is a way to get a shot of adrenaline and concern to be hyper-aware of our children.)

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