Monday, October 02, 2006

I Hate HOAs

We live in townhouse with an HOA. Our landlords pay the fees and are the members, but we're subject to the rules, of course. I can't find our copy of the HOA rules, but as I recall they're mostly common sense about the outsides of buildings, the common property and being decent neighbors.

But there is a new group in charge who, like my husband said, must think this is the Taj Mahal.

Not long after we moved in, my son and a couple of other kids who live in the townhouses threw clumps of dirt in the street and rolled some landscaping rocks down the hill. They were correctly made to clean them up, and we were correctly warned that such behavior could get us fined. After that I made it very clear Ben was to stay off the rocks and out of the wood chips, which he did.

Now, since most of the egregious behavior has been taken care of (like the people who let their pets use the common lawn as a toilet without cleaning up), the HOA officials get upset about minor infractions, and we got a notice warning us that our child was crossing the rock borders. Not stepping on the rocks, jumping across them to get to the grass or sidewalk. They're also completely anal about the wood chips that keep getting on the sidewalks because there's no edging, which they can't have because edging is apparently a tripping hazard. It's true a couple of kids (not mine) step on the wood chips, but animals do, too.

And now I've heard the angry old busy bodies have begun throwing away kids' bikes. There are a bunch of boys in this immediate vicinity who like to ride their bikes, and they park them on the sidewalk for hours at a time. I've warned Ben to put his as far to the side as he can or on our front porch.

A neighbor told me there are some who either will throw the bikes away or call the police to have them removed, without having warned anyone that such action might be taken. I'm not even sure if that's bikes on the townhouse sidewalks or the public sidewalk.

Since I can't find the HOA rules, I can't say whether we signed away any right to complain about our property being disposed of without notice. I'm just venting right now, I'm so angry. I'll have to get more info.

I'm so glad this is our last lease here.

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