Thursday, October 19, 2006

Illegal Immigrant Scapegoating

Apparently, it has now been documented that illegal immigrants aren't overburdening the welfare state because they weren't participating in it. (via SquareState)
According to the state Department of Human Services, the number of public-aid recipients - 39,500 cases for welfare or related assistance since Aug. 1 - is virtually unchanged from a year earlier. The same is true for the number of food-stamp cases - nearly 89,300 - although the immigration laws don't affect that type of aid.


Meanwhile, the volume of state-issued identification cards - critical to getting any type of public aid - has exploded since August.

Which means that the fear tactics employed by anti-immigrant forces has ended up costing the state more money in ID card issuance.

Illegal immigration is a problem, mainly for the immigrants themselves as well as for suppressing American wages. But the over-statement of the problem is, as in this case, not solving anything. In fact, such as in the case of ER closings and hospital costs, anti-illegal immigrant rhetoric and focus distracts from real solutions.

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