Monday, October 16, 2006

Letters to the Editor, October 16 2006

From Rocky Mountain News:

Shootings a result of greater secularization
This is the second time I've seen someone try to blame the recent school shootings on secularism, specifically in this letter in the Rocky on Secular Humanism. The theory is that Secular Humanists don't fear Hell or a punishing afterlife, so there is no barrier to murder/suicide, just like the fear of Hell prevented such atrocities during the several millennia before Secular Humanism came about. :rolleyes.

Does that mean that the only thing that's keeping letter writer H. Eberhard Roell from killing people is a fear of Hell? That is one sick human being. One can only imagine the fantasies running through his twisted mind. Probably Saw I, II and III. So maybe in his case, he has a good point.

Evict United Nations
What could be of more immediate importance than kicking the U.N. off U.S. soil in retaliation for a couple of foreign leaders who said rude things about the President? All I have to do is tweak the last sentence of this letter to find out.

If the American people don't realize what a noxious organization the [Bush Administration and Republican Congress is] and fail to demand action, our very existence as a nation is in serious peril.

Now it has the proper focus.

Gay-rights proposal will affect children, too
Yes, it will give them the opportunity to have stable, secure lives with two parents.

There's no guarantee kids will have better lives with two same-gendered parents than with a single parent, two heterosexual parents, or foster care. But the presumption against Referendum I in this letter is that having two parents of the same gender is automatically worse than a single parent, heterosexual parents, a co-habitation with no security, or foster care.

Once again, anti-gay bigotry is the only reason offered to oppose same-sex couples having the same rights as everyone else.

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