Monday, October 02, 2006

Pederasty is a Republican Problem

That's all I can assume from the fact that
Hastert is to meet with Page Board Chairman John Shimkus and current Clerk of the House Karen Haus to "review procedures" on the page system and to "discuss how to prevent this from happening in the future." According to an aide for Hastert, they will also discuss "how to protect people after they leave."

It should be noted that Haus was not the clerk last year, and Shimkus is being called in without the presence of Dale Kildee, the Democrat on the page board.
But that's not all (via Leo's Blog at Illinois Dem Net). Despite their aversion to history and their penchant for forgetting inconvenient facts, Repubs still do remember.
... as a historical footnote for all the grayheads out there: there was a previous House Page Sex Scandal in 1983 and Republican Congressman Dan Crane (brother of Phil) was implicated. He was censured for his behavior and, despite tearful apologies, lost in the following election.

Although I am not yet a grayhead, I do recall this.

The AP reports what they think is an irony, as well.
Ironically, Foley, who is 52 and single, could be found to have violated a law that he helped to write as co-chairman of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus.

The irony reported is not so ironic when it fits into a pattern of behavior. Rather than being ironic, it is typical, and it's just another piece of evidence of Republican projection (from Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon).

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