Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Slice of Kitten Pie, Anyone?

The principal who shot kittens on school grounds because their mother had been killed in an animal trap quit his job.
[Acting Sheriff John] Mastin said the shooting put no one in danger but said [Wade] Pilloud used "poor discretion and poor timing," especially amid the growing fear of gun violence in schools.

How about being a sick son of a bitch who would rather enjoy killing animals instead of calling the ASPCA? I wonder who set the animal trap?
Melchett - You used to have a lovely little rabbit. Beautiful little thing. Do you remember?
George - Flossy.
Melchett - That's right. Flossy. Do you remember what happened to Flossy?
George - You shot him.
Melchett - That's right. It was the kindest thing to do after he'd been run over by that car.
George - By your car, Sir.
Melchett - Yes, by my car. But that too was an act of mercy when you would remember that that dog had been set on him.
George - Your dog, Sir.
Melchett - Yes, yes, my dog. But what I'm trying to say, George, is that the state young Flossy was in after we'd scraped him off my front tyre is very much the state that young Blackadder will be in now. If not very nearly dead, then very actually dead.

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