Monday, October 02, 2006

Toldja They Were Theocrats

The religious right in Congress passed a law making it easier for them to violate the Constitution and use government to impose religion. (h/t Evil Mommy & Feministe.)

For thirty years the government, if it is successfully sued for violating any Constitutional or civil rights, must pay the attorney fees. Losers don't get paid. That empowers even poor people to stand up for their rights in court and discourages frivolous lawsuits.

Now the American Taliban has passed a law, H.R. 2679, which would exempt the government from having to pay attorney's fees only for violations of the Establishment Clause, which means the government will be much freer to violate the 1st Amendment with impunity.

Here's the thing. People and governments can and will do whatever they can get away with. (Maybe not whatever. For instance, most people will refrain from killing even when they could get away with it.) We argue a lot about ideology, how things should be according to our world view. Most of us agree about the kinds of human, Constitutional, civil rights we should all be afforded. Some disagree, or at least agree they should have the rights while others shouldn't.

But it doesn't matter if most of us agree, have similar ideologies. It doesn't matter if it's written on a piece of paper such as the Constitution. All that matters is what we will allow others to get away with, and that we either are the people who stop them, or we force our representatives to be the people who stop them.

Like the neocons say, it is a goddamned piece of paper if we allow it to be. And like the neocons say, they do create reality if we don't check their asses and introduce them to our reality, strip them from power and put them in prison for treating our Constitution like a goddamned piece of paper and creating their own unconscionable reality.

Here's the list of American Taliban who despised our Constitution by passing H.R. 2679.

Notice my Senator's brother, John Salazar, voted for it. So we're pretty sure which side Ken Salazar will be leaning. Always away from freedom in favor of enforcing his own personal morality.

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