Monday, October 16, 2006

Why Blair Became Bush's Poodle

Pither and I have wondered for a while what Bush had on Blair. We missed his 2002 assertion which indicates an answer.
Britain must be prepared to pay a "blood price" to secure its special
relationship with the US, Prime Minister Tony Blair has told the BBC ahead of talks on Iraq with President Bush.

Randi Rhodes had a guest who wrote a book about it (I missed who he was and the title). He said Britain was stuck between choosing a "special relationship" with either the U.S. or the European Union. Britain has a visceral dislike of the Continent and the E.U., so they chose the U.S. I'm not exactly sure how Bush would have punished Britain for its "disloyalty." Doesn't seem like a credible threat. France is doing okay despite the renaming of various American foods and the infamous O'Reilly boycott.

And the author credited the Bush Administration with very neatly and cleverly undermining the E.U. by expanding NATO and getting Britain to split from the EU stance on the Iraq War.

Yep, you have to credit the Bush Administration for their ability to undermine or destroy stuff.

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