Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Are Certain Truths Sinking In?

Just last night, after the Dems had already taken the House, I heard one of the talking heads still say the Dems have no plan (was it Chris Matthews?). Today, the press has noticed that the Dems do indeed have a plan, and have had one for awhile.

Truth number one: The press isn't liberal. It's lazy, corporatist, has a herd mentality, snuggles up with those in power. Now that Dems are in power in Congress, the press will think it worthy to cover the Dems and their plans rather than ignore them.

Also last night, I heard Bill Kristol say something like, "now we can say the country is centrist."

Truth number two: The country is centrist. It was centrist about most of the key issues, the economy, healthcare, labor. As far as national security, the country was scared shitless, and the conservatives played up and benefited from that fear. Now the fear is waning, reason is returning, and it is patently obvious the "conservatives" are more interested in their own self-interest than in protecting the country and promoting its general welfare.

Truth number three: Fear clouds our vision. It gives us something like Beer Goggles. When the adrenaline is pumping and the heart is racing, we see movement in the shadows while we peek over the covers, and our leaders look all butch and manly. Fear Goggles. As the fear buzz wears off, our leaders start looking old and shifty, and we notice the movement in the shadows is actually our leaders in our beds doing unspeakable things to us and our democracy.

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