Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bill Will Be Back

I hadn't posted anything about Bill Winter's loss. It was not too disheartening, though. I thought 40% was decent in such a heavily Republican area (and I am a strong advocate of Dems spreading out into these Republican areas). But I didn't realize just how well Bill Winter did, according to an email from his campaign:
... consider that we as a group got 199,000 voters to know about Bill, and with only 102,000 registered Democrats, almost half of our support base came from unaffiliated and republican voters. This may be why Nancy Pelosi called our campaign manager on Tuesday night to see if Bill would run again.
I bet he will. And he'll do even better. Like, by winning.

At least Crazy Tom Tancredo won't have any power in a Democratic Congress ... oh, wait, he was pretty much persona non grata in the Republican Congress, too. So more of the same, which is next to nothing.

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