Monday, November 06, 2006

Bill Winter Is Economically Well-Informed

I heard Tom Tancredo's ad during Jay Marvin's show just a little while ago. It's the only time I've heard from Tancredo at all, he seems to take for granted his comfortably ensconced seat.

The sickening thing is, a lot of the script for the ad is taken from the Rocky Mountain News' endorsement of Tancredo. Rocky says Bill Winter's budget and economic views are not "terribly well-informed," but after giving specific examples of Tancredo's fiscal conservatism, say nothing specific about Bill. How am I supposed to research a vague accusation like that?

Whatever the Rocky's "principled" and ideological objections to Bill's fiscal policies may be, it is apparent that in concrete, objective reality Bill is more likely to help the economy, as Tancredo is too busy with other priorities:
[Colorado-based defense contractor, EOJT's CEO Jeff] Bell attempted to contact his Congressman, Rep. Tom Tancredo, but never received a response to repeated phone calls and letters. Bell then turned to Tancredo's opponent, Bill Winter.

Bell commented, "As a small business owner, it is a challenge to compete with the larger defense contractors. I was baffled as to why Representative Tancredo would not be interested in the possibility of bringing jobs to his own district while also protecting our troops" adding "Mr. Tancredo is running with a slogan of "Secure America," but if he won't even help to secure the safety of our troops or secure jobs for people in his district, how can we take seriously anything he says about security?"

Bell's company is a small business based in Centennial, CO with a staff of 20. The devices they produce, which mitigate and prevent detonation of Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs), hold the potential to save lives from what has been identified as one of the most significant hazards to our troops in Iraq. Some estimates indicate that half of all American deaths in Iraq are caused by IEDs.

Bringing business to Colorado while saving a soldier's life and well-being and saving the tax-payers from having to support a severely brain-damaged person who can then go on to contribute further to society throughout his long and productive life seems economically astute. Oh, and moral.

Tom Tancredo, on the other hand, seeks to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to build a wall he admits is nothing more than an empty symbol. How is that fiscally conservative?

The ad also touts a couple of his endorsements, I don't recall who. Here's Bill's endorsements. Bill doesn't need the Rocky's terribly un-informative endorsement.

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