Sunday, November 19, 2006

New Light Rail

Yesterday was Free Day on light rail to celebrate the opening of the new lines.

Damn, Coloradans like free shit.

Now, you'd think that so many suburban dwellers who are used to wide open spaces or solitary isolation in cars would be a lot more put out at having to touch total strangers, but everyone I rubbed elbows with (and not much else, thankfully) was patient and friendly, including about how messed up the train schedules were.

It seemed whoever was in charge of scheduling the day's festivities figured that most of the free riders would only want a sample, and a trip to Broadway would satisfy. But of course most everyone wanted to go to the 16th Street mall. So most people got off at Broadway to transfer to one of the Mineral lines, which weren't running on their regular timetables.

You know, it's hard enough standing in one spot for a couple of hours. It's a lot harder when you're trying to maintain your balance and keep your eyes on a toddler who likes to crawl through people's legs. I never missed sitting in a car on the freeway so much.

However, on normal commuting days I imagine the trains will be a lot less crowded and the new lines will help a lot.

And I'd just like to go on record as saying how very stupid the previous managers of Park Meadows Mall were for refusing to let light rail share their parking lot. As they say in New England, "Ya cahn't get there from here." Truly, truly asinine and lacking forethought and common sense, which is why they've secured jobs running Iraqi "reconstruction." (For those not from the area, light rail stops right next to the mall, literally a few hundred meters away, yet there is a fence blocking access, no bridge, no sidewalk. You'd have to cross the freeway bridge to the East to maybe catch a bus or walk somehow around to the next freeway underpass and go back West, probably at least a 15-20 minute walk. Truly stupid.)

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