Thursday, November 09, 2006

Should Dems Try Impeachment?

There were a few times in the past couple of years that I thought it was necessary to impeach the President. He attempted a sort of coup, a power grab, an undermining of the Constitution which was so egregious, blatant and contemptible that I thought not only did he need to be stopped, but a strong message had to be sent to future presidents.

As I've said before, people can get away with whatever they are allowed to get away with. The press, the populace and especially the Congress allowed the President to do everything he's done. I was very frustrated that all three were working together to make the last six years possible. Even though I knew intellectually that the pendulum swings (and it will swing back, guaranteed), I was angry and frustrated.

But as often happens in victory, magnanimity kicks in. Well, it didn't happen when the Repubs took control. They used their power to shut out the opposition and push through an agenda which was too radical for a centrist populace.

Bush just got his ass checked by the populace which gave us a Congress that will further check Bush's ass. And being the lap dogs to power that they are, the press will finally do a better job of helping to check Bush. What happened Tuesday was just as much a political solution to an un-Constitutional situation as impeachment, and one that is a lot less divisive and time consuming than investigations and impeachment.

Of course, with both Houses being in opposition control, investigations and subpoenas must come. They should have been underway all along for the past six years. Contrary to lap dog Norah O'Donnell's opinion, it is the proper and necessary role of Congress to at least issue dozens of subpoenas. Congress has to figure out just how badly the former government screwed up the books or things can't be fixed. If nothing gets done for a few months or a year but investigations, then so be it. We need information to proceed.

Those investigations will not and should not be with an agenda of "getting" the President. However, information may come to light which may make it impossible to not "get" the President.

So Congress should not try to impeach the President. Congress should go about its Constitutionally mandated job of tracking government spending, determining the efficacy of the Iraq Occupation policies and providing oversight, checks and balances on the Executive. Congress should also not shut out the Republicans. This country is centrist, desires two opposing forces providing balance, and that should be reflected.

But ...

Information must not be swept under the rug just because it might cause trouble. If Congress finds proof of impeachable offenses and the population supports it, then let the impeachment proceedings begin.

First things first, however. Right now it's more important to start righting this ship, and that begins with Dems being responsible and reasonable so when the impeachable offenses are found, the country will know it's not just payback time.

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