Monday, November 06, 2006

Why Rocky Endorsed Tancredo

Not because of his sound economic acumen, but because he never "threatened" a columnist for the Rocky Mountain News.

In 2004, when Kerry was being Swiftboated, Dave Kopel, occasional contributing columnist for the RMN and researcher for the Independence Institute, was helping spread the lies in his columns (see the incomparable Daily Howler for the truth).

Bill Winter took issue with Kopel and wrote him an e-mail. The troubling part was when Winter added, "When the revolution comes, I'll be looking for you, brother!"

Not much of a threat, since first there has to be a revolution, and then Bill Winter has to find the time between stockpiling food and fortifying the battlements to hunt down a columnist. Still, it is worrying, and so Winter rightly apologized for letting it get him so worked up, adding, "We ask if it's the sort of thing that a serious political candidate would say, but nobody seems to question the things Tom Tancredo says." Not to mention all the threats of physical violence which come from the Right every day.

I can't figure out why else the Rocky would endorse Tancredo. Because a few votes for so-called fiscal conservatism really isn't enough to overcome Tancredo's many many problems, the top of the list of which is his neglect of his home district.

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