Friday, December 08, 2006

2006 Wizbang Weblog Awards

It's that time of year, and again I'm not even nominated. Maybe it would help my cause if I had some sort of blogger ethics. Or cared and tried every day. Whatever, I like to vote, and you can, too, every day until December 15.

Here's my voting preferences so far, and only the ones I have voted for, to which I'll be adding as I discover new blogs that I never knew existed before.

Best Blog: Huffington Post (given the alternatives, but I'll switch to Daily Kos just so LGF has a harder time winning)

Best New Blog: konagod (welcome to my favorites list - not on sidebar yet, though.)

Best Individual Blog: Unclaimed Territory (better known as Glenn Greenwald)

Best Comic Strip: Savage Chickens (short and pithy, which is odd since I like my men tall and Pither)

Best Online Community: Daily Kos

Best Liberal Blog: Jesus' General, though I may switch it around, 'cause there are so many good ones ... for instance, skippy the bush kangaroo.

... Best Humor Blog: Sadly, No! , which is handily ahead enough that I can throw some votes to Jon Swift.

... Best of the Top 250: TalkLeft, a fellow Colorado blog.

Best of the Top 3501 - 5000 Blogs: Blue Gal, shipmate o' Cap'n Dyke.

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