Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Baker-Hamilton Commission Report

It sounded like the Baker-Hamilton Commission Report allowed the adults to finally speak up in public (and gave James Baker a chance to make up for his 2000 mistake helping put the Chimperor on the throne).

Some of my favorite parts of the news conference: we talked to the Soviet Union for decades while they were intent on wiping us off the face of the Earth, why not talk to Iran?; the war has divided this country, Republican from Democrat, and to a great extent, the President from the people; part of the process of helping push forward the recommendations of the Baker-Hamilton Commission belongs to the media, who are the interpreters and purveyors of accurate of information for the people; we reject the "stay the course" strategy.

I understand why they support the stated goal of instituting a stable, democratic government in Iraq. However, I don't know if we are capable of forcing Iraq to remain intact and be democratic and be at peace. Though it was a mistake to have gone in there in the first place, particularly with the leadership we had -- the Bush Administration made a royal mess and have done nothing right -- there are still those who believe "if only we had done it right," and aren't going to admit that the U.S. cannot salvage even a semblance of a victory. They want the chance to do it right, even though they admit it may be too late at this point.

So I (along with a near super-majority of Americans) support the setting of a time limit, telling the Iraqi government that either they get their shit together or we're out of there. Yes, we made the mess, but it's probably beyond our ability to clean up. It is reasonable to tell Iraq that they have to do it themselves, and it will be a lot more helpful if we would stop sabotaging their efforts, like with outside contractors who steal billions instead of doing the job while leaving disgruntled Iraqis unemployed. After invading in the first place, that was the stupidest of the President's decisions.


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