Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bless You, George Martin

Pither got the Love CD for Xmas and I listened to it full blast on the way home from Fort Collins, a smile on my face despite all the crazy drivers.

Full blast on good stereo equipment is recommended to hear the layers. Also, you can hear the lyrics when it's very loud. Wonder no more why some taxis in London have newspapers printed all over them. "Newspaper taxis" is a lyric in Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. (It's probably also a drug reference of some kind.) It's fun making connections, even if other people made them decades ago.
I appreciate Martin's sense of humor, as well, particularly acknowledging Beatle lore by playing a song backward, which even worked musically. It sounded like they were singing in Norwegian. And I spit white cherry icee all over the steering wheel when Octopus' Garden started. It took the 5th Beatle to make that listenable.

However, Eric Clapton was expunged from While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Though I pointed out that the orchestra taking Clapton's place also weren't Beatles, Pither said, "But they didn't sleep with George Harrison's wife." How he knows that, I've no idea.

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