Saturday, December 09, 2006

C4L4U -- The Editors 2008

The Editors at The Poor Man has announced his candidacy for President on the Connecticut For Lieberman party ticket -- Connecticut For Lieberman ... For You, or C4L4U. He's running as a dinosaur.

He's put together an ad already and just needs a script and/or VO for it. I wrote one up, but can't seem to post to comments. I'm not a guy, so I don't care about Cockblockgate. But if it's anything like having one's creative output blocked, it doesn't feel good. In fact, it could make me sick, baby.

So I'm posting it here. The Editors will surely never know about it, but I got it out and that's all that matters. It made the hurt go away.

Video here.

[old couple] Through the generations, Americans have faced many enemies who have sought to destroy our way of life.

[firefighter] Today's generation faces a similar threat equally as grave and deadly.

[crying woman] But we are determined to root out the enemy, the enemy within, the enemy of contrary opinion lurking in the internet tubes.

[Katrina victim] We must stop letting unpleasantries distract us from our mission of unity.

[Joe Lieberman] The Last Honest Man showed us that together we can recapture the graciousness of a bygone era,

[dinosaur] when upstartery was repaid by dinosaurs wielding silver-tipped canes.

[victory with civility graphic] With civility.

[C4L4U graphic] I'm The Editors, and I approve this message.

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