Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Thoughtful Link

Because I saw a copy of Ann Coulter's Godless sitting next to my dad's computer while I was visiting over Christmas, and because I bit my lip and didn't scream, "Why the Hell do you keep buying this shit!?!?!?" I thought I'd pay a great compliment to my dad's intelligence and assume that he found it "accidentally" stocked in the Humor section.

Here's a link to Scoobie Davis' analysis and book review. Davis has been obsessed with dissecting (literarily, of course) Coulter for years, and also helped debunk Slander, a book about libel.

I haven't checked all Scoobie's arguments and sources, but it's a place to start for people like my dad who accidentally pick up her book expecting a few laughs, read some "facts" and specious arguments and go "that doesn't sound right, but there are so many endnotes."

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