Friday, January 19, 2007

Bush Needs the Dog Whisperer

It's nice (though in this case frightening), when current events provide an example of what I was talking about in a recent post.

Actually, it was in the comments to a post about the vindication of the anti-Iraq war position and the wrongness of Bush's policy of preventive war that I wrote:
Powerful, capricious nations that could invade anyone at any time for any trumped up reason threaten world stability.

Continuing the up=down rationale that the Bush Administration is famous for promulgating, Bob of Crash Landing (via Eschaton) reports hearing an NPR report about Iran developing ground-to-air missiles that would attach to armored units, a purely defensive measure in case of air strikes. Bob paraphrases the analyst:
"This is a very provocative move. Iran is hoping that this hardware will allow their ground units to challenge the air supremacy of US forces."

Defense of one's sovereign territory, particularly in response to open threats, is an aggressive, provocative move ... to animals. The expected response is for Iran to roll over and expose its belly. Self-defense is a challenge to the authority of the alpha dog, which demands immediate obeisance from all others in the pack.

Bush definitely sees himself as the alpha dog, and the U.S. as the alpha nation. Powerful, capricious, and lead by a man who "thinks" like a pack animal, seeing any strength in others as a challenge to his authority.

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