Monday, January 01, 2007

Denver Dem Convention -- Still Hoping

Just when I'm starting to think that CNN was merely being cautious by hiring the tertiary source to work in Denver for the 2008 Democratic Convention, Kerri Rebresh at Colorado Confidential, in a series on Democratic Convention bids, gives me reason to hope it still might happen here.

A history lesson in bids for the Democratic Convention:
Back then [ed: 1998], with a newly elected Republican governor, two Republican Senators (now that Ben Nighthorse Campbell had switched parties) and a Republican majority in Congress, it might have been hard to see Denver as an effective place to jump start a run for the non-California West's 58 electoral votes. Six short years later, however, Dino's message is much more likely to resonate. Colorado now has a Democratic governor (almost), legislature, Senator and majority of representatives. If a takeover of the West is on national Democrats' 2008 agenda, then Denver is the logical staging ground. If history is any indication, that political advantage will trump pesky problems with money and unions.

"If" is a big word. Who knows what the power brokers inside the Democratic beltway have as an agenda? So many decisions they make seem so stupid. (Although they may be stupid like a fox, given their support of Lieberman rather than Lamont. They knew Lieberman would get the Republican vote and probably maintain his seat in a Senate that might be marginally either Republican or Democratic, so better to have a friendly independent Lieberman than a hostile one.)

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