Thursday, January 11, 2007

Denver Gets Convention!!

Erin Hart, subbing for Jay Marvin, just said Denver gets the 2008 Democratic Convention.

I can't find a link, but Erin Hart is reading about it on air.

Update: Now she says it's showed up on the AP wires, so it's been upgraded from doubly tertiarially sourced to secondarily sourced until the DNC announces it later this afternoon.

Woot! indeed.

Update: Here's the AP Wire story from Newsday:
Denver to Host '08 Democratic Convention NEW YORK (AP) -- The 2008 Democratic presidential convention will be held in Denver, the Democratic National Committee informed party and local officials Thursday. The convention -- which is expected to attract 35,000, including 4,950 delegates and alternates -- will be held from Aug. 25-28 after the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

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