Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"I Am Flipping You Off So Hard Right Now, Boston"

My sister-in-law just called to tell us all about her day in Boston. It was made a tad inconvenient by bizarre marketing.

Turner Broadcasting was promoting Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and hired local marketing firms to put up magnetic signs of Err, one of the mooninites, in blinking lights. They were up for two weeks in ten U.S. cities and the first to notice was a bomb squad.

But what was more of a threat to the public was what his little hand was doing. She said when the local news realized it was "the bird" they started blurring it.

She also said they had arrested some poor dredlocked dude who was wondering why he hadn't taken that job on a street corner dancing with a giant sign for an apartment complex.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said he'll seek to punish those responsible, and indicated that the penalty could be two to five years in prison per count.


They're calling it a hoax related to terrorism. That doesn't make sense if there was no intention or reasonable expectation that the blinking signs would be considered in any way suspicious or dangerous. She said many of them were put in weird places, but I imagine that's because they were magnets, and it's not as easy as one might think to find an appropriate (or inappropriate) metal area to stick it to.

I think it's hilarious. But then, I'm not in danger of being renditioned to Syria.

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