Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Passive-Aggressive President

Once again the Bush family dysfunction plays itself out on the world stage.

From Legal Fiction, on why Bush chose to send a "surge" of troops into Iraq, as reported by the Washington Post:
First, Bush is choosing an option that has zero support from anyone except those who have consistently been wrong about pretty much everything relating to Iraq. Military officials, Middle East experts, and foreign officials are all opposed because they don't think it will work. And that makes sense given that the underlying problem today in 2007 is not so much a lack of security, but a sectarian civil war that is ultimately a political problem.

Second, and more inexcusably, if the NSC official is correct, Bush is picking this option out of vanity and spite simply because the Baker Group didn't offer it.

The Baker Group was made up of daddy's men, and daddy must be defied at every turn.

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