Monday, January 29, 2007

Progressive on Progressive Violence

Chris Bowers has a very useful post about how we "progressives" can win arguments against ourselves. Isn't it great being introspective and self-destructive?

The rules have apparently already been used against him, as commenters have totally discredited his arguments because he consistently and persistently misspelled Gandhi, preferring a more progressive spelling (he should be encouraged -- there are no right or wrong answers -- A++ for creativity).

And Atrios pointed out a very important missing argument.
7. They're being paid off, or hope to be.

The fact that he left this one off the list leads me to conclude that Chris Bowers is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DLC.

But I have a logical bone to pick. Number three on his list is What would Ghandi do? According to Bowers,
You pull out a Ghandi quote, and you skip straight to stage four in any argument.

If you do #3, you can skip straight to #4.

He has no cred, man.

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