Friday, January 05, 2007

Rehnquist a Big Druggie

In less breaking news, the neocon Republicans use the power of government to threaten political opponents. And in even less breaking news than that, John Bolton is corrupt. Oh, and they're all lying liars, which pretty much goes without saying at this point.

Yep, I heard it all on Randi Rhodes' show and got the link from her website.

In a nut shell, when Rehnquist was first nominated to the Supreme Court by Richard Nixon, he had been high on heavy-duty prescription drugs for at least a decade, an addiction he continued another ten years until he checked into rehab in 1981.

Potential witnesses against Rehnquist's nominations, for Associate Justice in 1971 and for Chief Justice in 1986, were investigated by the FBI and then assistant attorney general John Bolton. None of those witnesses ended up testifying.

Alexander Charns, a Durham, N.C., lawyer who received the file and has extensively researched the FBI's relationship with the court, said the new disclosures show the two administrations went to some lengths to discredit Rehnquist opponents.

"In many ways, I guess it's the same old story of the political use of the FBI," Charns said.

And the files show that Rehnquist was indeed aware of the racist covenant on his house that allowed him only to sell to blacks in 1968, though he swore under oath he knew nothing about it. Although, to be fair, two decades of hard drugs which cause hallucinations can strip away a lot of your life.

Some portions of the released file was redacted, and 207 pages were withheld, with a further section missing completely.

If the above was what they thought fairly harmless to release, it makes you wonder what horrendous information they redacted, withheld and "lost."

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