Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Bracing Spash of Reality

The other day I read a post pouncing on Joe Klein's stunning (for him) realization that liberal bloggers have reasons for their anger. I thought, despite the end of the post calling for civility (as I like to say, the day Limbaugh, Coulter, O'Reilly, Hannity et al no longer have jobs, I'll become civil), it was a remarkable step for a pundit with a large audience and apparent influence on mainstream perceptions of reality.

Thank digby for writing the post that I wanted to write on this very important and heartening subject, but was too busy looking at paint samples to be bothered (the kitchen will be Respite Blue).

As digby points out, for many years liberal bloggers have increasingly documented the insidious rightwing "jihad against their fellow Americans," only to be rewarded with accusations of shrillness and unhinged anger from both the rightwing and the SCLM. But there's nothing like firsthand experience to drive the point home:
But nothing changed until these [ed: so-called] liberal pundits and journalists started blogging.
And now Joe Klein realizes that, though we may be somewhat angry, it is justifiable anger.


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