Saturday, February 17, 2007

Matthews Clinton Smear Continues

Chris Matthews will say anything to fit whatever agenda he has at any given moment ... and when it comes to the Clintons, that agenda is always to smear.

Media Matters is currently illustrating his attacks on Hillary because she's a woman, but I noticed a little something that was so blatantly untrue it's stunning.
MATTHEWS: She seems to imply that she didn't know this guy would take us to war. She said, he could -- I gave him the right to do it, but I thought he'd go through sanctions and inspections and all of this.

Everybody in America knew we were going to war with Bush. He made it pretty clear from day one we were going to war.
Besides my very clear memories of Bush repeatedly saying that war was a last resort and that he hadn't made up his mind to invade Iraq, I thought the whole point of the controversy surrounding the Downing Street Memo was that it confirmed what liberals had been saying about Bush -- that he had planned, from day one, to go to war.

Perhaps Matthews, who constantly rewrites his own history, doesn't remember the Downing Street Memo controversy because he didn't talk about it ... except to help Condoleezza Rice come up with a lie to escape the accusation that Bush was fixing intelligence to fit his pre-determined agenda. Which she had to know was a lie, considering (as the incomparable Bob Somerby's The Daily Howler reminded me) that in July of 2002 she had told the State Department's director of policy planning, Richard N. Haass, that discussions of the pros and cons of invading Iraq were moot because the President had already made his decision.

Matthews' attack on Clinton also makes it sound like she's just now coming up with the rationale of "I believed the President when he said he would work to avoid war" to excuse her vote for the authorization. He's done it before, saying Democrats who were bamboozled by the Bush Administration's bogus case for war are just backpedaling because of the disastrous outcome. But as we can see from Hillary Clinton's own words, her rationale for voting for authorization was exactly what she made it out to be.

She's not waffling or changing her mind capriciously like all women do [/sarcasm]. The Bush Administration lied to make its case.

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