Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Two Cents About Edwards Bloggers

He'd better not fire them.

I haven't decided who I'm supporting yet, but if Edwards caves this easily to faux rightwing controversies (Glenn Greenwald) it will not bode any better for him than rolling over did for Gore and Kerry.

Edwards is already getting some support from some Republicans (my mother-in-law, specifically), and she's certainly not going to fall for this phony scandal.

John, the blogosphere is doing your work for you. Come out swinging with McCain campaign blogger Patrick Hynes (as documented in Greenwald's link above).

Update: William Donohue's one of the outspoken opponents of Edwards' female bloggers, calling them anti-Catholic bigots for criticizing the politicized religion of people like William Donohue (konagod). Here's Donohue being a bigot.

Update: More about Patrick Hynes.

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