Wednesday, February 14, 2007

*No Mosques Were Burned in the Painting of this School

Besides being, as HTML Mencken says at Sadly, No!, psychotically paranoid, Adam Yoshida is just delusional, though it is still a very popular criticism of the left.
At every step, the left – and its many allies on the rest of the political spectrum – have sought to obstruct all efforts to win this war. At every turn they’ve handcuffed our forces and circumscribed our options.
WTF? Liberals have neither been in control of what our forces do nor have we made any decisions as to options. The most leftist liberallyliberal in Congress making the most liberal leftist speech and casting the liberalest lefty vote still hasn't made one bit of difference as to who got what money; how it was spent; what Iraqi town was bombed; whether the 41st Infantry turned right or left at that last intersection; paid one single mercenary private contractor to steal a billion dollars while running over an Iraqi baby in a humvee.

The war has been run entirely by the Bush Administration, baby; every handcuffed troop and every circumscribed option; every squashed Iraqi baby, every missing billion dollars.

But I guess, if the Right can make things go well just by closing their eyes and wishing with all their might, then they must believe the Left can make things go bad with a similar technique (with the extra step of covering our naked bodies in goat blood or something).

I just said to Pither yesterday, the "anti-war" (meaning anti-Iraq war) left was against starting GWII. But once it started and has continued (actually, see Gen. Shinseki for our "pro-winning" advocacy even before the invasion), we have been calling for the troops to be adequately armed and staffed; for the war strategy to be run correctly; for sensible post-war plans; for reality to be recognized and dealt with on a daily basis.

The pro-war right (and liberal hawks) were for starting GWII. But once it started, they (except liberal hawks) were against any Congressional oversight; still haven't staffed or armed the troops adequately; haven't run any strategy well; ignored sensible post-war plans; and ignore reality on a daily basis. The freshly painted schools! We win every battle!

(I'm not providing links to what I'm specifically referring to, because if you don't already know at this point, then you haven't been paying attention or have been listening to liars, and it won't matter how often I post links with examples, it will never sink in).

At this point I don't think it is possible for us to do anything else. The time for getting it right is long past. I never wanted the Iraq venture to fail, I just wanted it to not start. Once it did, I held my breath hoping it would succeed despite knowing it was unlikely. I don't want it to fail now; I just know it already has.

And I had nothing to do with it!

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