Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Peter Boyles: "Mexicans Make Me Stupid"

My mom still likes to cite Peter Boyles to me in political discussions. She doesn't usually cite him when it comes to Mexicans or illegal immigration generally. Which is a good thing, because that issue (as I wrote about before) seems to make him stupid.

The current roiling tempest in his brain is about a planned Federally-funded housing project for homeless HIV/AIDS sufferers in the Highland neighborhood in Denver. His problem with it is that it's named after a "Mexican saint." (Colorado Media Matters)
But like I said, if you were going to name that building with public money and name it after, you know, some -- some Christian saint or name it Saint James, the guy who, you know, gathered the librarians together to make the Bible -- whatever the hell it is, you know. And try that and see what would happen, and city council, and see what those people would do then.
Saint Juan Diego:
Visionary to whom the Virgin Mary appeared at Guadalupe on 9 December 1531, leaving him the image known as Our Lady of Guadalupe. On 20 December 2001 a second miracle attributed to Juan Diego's intervention was decreed by the Congregation and approved by Pope John Paul II.

Maybe Boyles doesn't consider Catholics to be Christians. What do you think William Donohue? Oh, you're too busy baselessly screeching about bloggers being anti-Catholic bigots.


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