Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Always Naysaying, You Piece of S*&%! *

Last night I saw John Bolton on The Daily Show telling Jon Stewart that he was "historically inaccurate" about his assertion that Abraham Lincoln brought people from different parties, people who were in fact his enemies, into the administration.

It occurred to me that what he did is the perfect example of what the Loyal Bushies do when it comes to inconvenient facts. They just naysay. That's because most people like me don't know things off-hand like Lincoln's varied cabinet. So people can choose to believe either John Bolton or Jon Stewart. Obviously, people who share the ideology of Bolton would choose to believe Bolton, and being the uninformed boobs that they are (that being also the basis for their ideology), wouldn't bother to look it up.

The beauty of blanket naysaying is, even those who would believe Stewart over Bolton even about facts about John Bolton's private life would have doubts about Stewart's facts, and would forget to look it up, just being left with a vague doubt that Bolton might have gotten the better of Stewart.

Well, Stewart did a fact-check for us. And guess what. Stewart was right.

Making John Bolton, in hard historical fact and, by extension, in every other conceivable belief or ideology or idea he has ever had just horribly wrong.

* That's a paraphrase from Tenacious D.

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