Monday, April 16, 2007


When I see more than one actor from a Joss Whedon project in a show or movie I figure there has to be some sort of connection behind the camera. There's Nathan Fillion in the lead role, Amy Acker as his missing wife, and Richard Brooks of the Firefly episode Objects in Space.

I thought I recognized the name in the Executive Producer slot. Tim Minear also worked on Firefly and Angel. In fact, he wrote two of my favorite Firefly episodes, The Message and Out of Gas.

Despite that, I am completely unbiased when I say I enjoyed Drive. Like Prison Break, I wonder how they're going to stretch it out more than one season, since you'd think the finish line would be the end of it. And the good news is I didn't love it as much as Firefly, so it has a chance of having more than one season (so many shows I like have very short runs: most recently, Arrested Development, Knights of Prosperty, Studio 60). I swear I think my viewing habits are being monitored and specifically thwarted. Yes, that's paranoid. Doesn't mean it's not true.

And Drive has got some problems. Come on, at least try to keep the California foothills out of the South Florida scenes; there is ocean on both the East coast of Florida and the West coast of California, use the ocean as background scenery. Some of the foreshadowing seems a might obvious. And who knew getting in to Cape Canaveral during a shuttle launch would be so easy and uncrowded? Hell, Paynes Prairie, 150 miles away, was more crowded when we watched John Glenn's' launch in 1998.

But those are minor things which, actually, make the show a little more fun for us. We like using our well-traveled and varied knowledge to pick out such goofs. We also like playing along. The racers get clues about their next checkpoints, and Pither pretty easily figured out the first two. Did I ever mention how awesome Pither is at geography, history, and general trivia? He made it through a first round of a Jeopardy! tryout, but we think his immense height and stunning good looks intimidated Alex Trebek, so he didn't get chosen for the show.

Really, Drive is almost like Amazing Race on amphetamines, where the annoying contestants (I'm looking at you, Mirna) might actually get killed.

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