Thursday, April 12, 2007

Emails Gone!

It is entirely possible that the douchebags who were doing White House business for the Worst. Administration. Evar. on unsecured servers lost track of hundreds of emails.

But they're not gone. They may not know where exactly they are (I'm a clever mom, I don't fall for technical semantics; it may be technically accurate to say "we don't know where they are," since they can't find the file, but I'm sure someone knows how they disappeared), but they are somewhere that an IT guy or hacker can find. Hit the delete button all you want, they're somewhere.

And this is just asking for a hacker to break into the RNC's unsecured servers to search for official White House emails, which is yet another proof of this Administration's incompetence and corruption, potentially compromising security to get around the law to serve their political purposes.

This may be a nice stalling tactic, but it will ultimately not work.

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