Thursday, April 19, 2007

Letter to Sen. Salazar RE: Iraq Funding

Dear Senator Salazar,

I am writing to thank you for your yea vote in H.R. 1591, requiring the President to set a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq, and for sending the letter to the President requesting that he implement the Baker-Hamilton Report which also calls for timelines.

The President will veto this bill, but I urge you to stand firm in your insistence that he comply.
It is obvious that our President believes that ever leaving Iraq except under the perfect scenario he has in his mind is equal to losing the war. And he believes that the course we are currently on is working just fine. That means that, unless he is forced to change, we will continue doing what we've been doing, the Iraqis will never attain the ideal state, and we will never leave Iraq. The non-productive waste of resources and the cost in lives will continue as long as President Bush is in office.

There is only one check on his authority, and that is held by you in the form of funding.
In your letter, you said, "I do not believe that we can or should cut funding for our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan while we anticipate that our troops will be in harm’s way," which I take to mean that you may give in to the President and give him the blank check with no strings attached that he's asked for. That simply means more of the same, which will harm our troops far more than defunding the Iraq War.

Defunding simply means the President will have to withdraw the troops much sooner than either H.R. 1591 or the Baker-Hamilton Report call for. The troops will not be kept in harm's way with no funding. Do not fall for the President's false rhetoric.

Stand firm for the troops and force the President to take responsible actions that will lead to the safe withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.

Julie O.

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