Friday, April 13, 2007

Pointless waste of time

There is so much to be said about Don Imus yet his irrelevance is only rivaled by Anna Nicole Smith. However, a very small sidebar in the RMN stirred my derision for professional protesters and the perpetually outraged. At least research your targets before you begin your picket of idiocy. Don Imus had a simulcast of his radio show on MSNBC. KUSA is an NBC affiliate but not owned by NBC. MSNBC is no way involved with KUSA and KUSA management has no perview whatsoever, even nominally, over MSNBC. Perhaps the Alvertis Simmons tried to find where Comcast relays MSNBC to its Denver-area customers but the confusion began clouding their indignant outrage. Tip: Imus worked for CBS radio and KCNC (Channel 4) is owned and operated by CBS. Of course, Imus has been fired so protesting Channel 4 would be a pointless waste of time. Then again, pointless wastes of time are the melieu of Alvertis Simmons.

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