Monday, April 23, 2007

Starfest 2008 Pics

It's better than the Sarlacc, but not by much

Ben's favorite Bounty Hunter

The actual car from Mad Max

I doubt this is the real Robby the Robot, as there were two of them

And the Ghostbusters car, which I think I saw in Fort Collins a few months ago

And that's all the pics I got because both sets of batteries wore out.

My fun was a little cramped by having Ben and then both boys in the later afternoon (we did two crafts projects and bought lots of Star Wars action figures), but much laughter was had.

The Toughest SF Dude challenge was pretty funny, with four panelists defending the toughness of their chosen SF characters. Raphael the TMNT was represented for a while, and I never did see Kara "Starbuck" Thrace or Col./Gen. Jack O'Neill get unseated.

And the beginning of the Klingon Warrior Tournament was hilarious (I had to take the boys out during the fighting as they got bored). The first round was insults. One contestant in particular stood out. The really weird thing, however, was that he was sitting right in front of me making frequent comments that only the surrounding people could hear. I didn't find those comments very amusing, and it didn't seem anyone else really reacted to them, either. But when he would raise his voice so the entire room could hear, suddenly they were uproariously funny. And his insults really were top-notch, quick-witted and responsive to his opponent.

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